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About us

My story begins in Oradea in 1973 Since I was little, I was fascinated by the natural beauty of the Apuseni Mountains, which I visited many times in childhood and adolescence. After I tramplead all the paths and caves, I went to experiment the rest of the world. That is how I got to work all over the country, in the most selective casinos possible.

But my adventure does not stop here. My croup career has brought me more than the satisfaction of being close to people, then I met my wife. Empowered by youth, at the age of 27, we went on a long cruise around the world - crouping.

We spent years on cruise ships around the tourists, but our soul was still at home. We traveled through the Caribbean, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, Morocco, Israel, Greece, Russia, Spain, England, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, and these are only a few.

In 2015 I said stop. I went home, bought a land patch on the Aries Valley, and we started to put brick over the brick to make our dream come true.

Placed in Vartop Holiday Village, 300 meters away from the ski slopes and at the same time in the vicinity of many mountain trails and tourist attractions, Piatra Graitoare Guesthouse aims to become a corner of heaven in a special natural setting. From the very beginning, we wanted to offer high quality services in a warm and friendly atmosphere to all our guests. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed: in 2016 I received 9.2 / 10 Guest Review Award, granted by booking.com

Piatra Graitoare

The design of the rooms combines the classic style of mountain chalets with modern minimalist bathrooms. Because we think of you, all rooms have a balcony, each with a unique view of the location. A lifetime of tourism has taught us that the attention to detail, the immaculate aspect of the rooms and the high degree of comfort are essential for a perfect stay.

Piatra Graitoare

Because we are ambitious, we want to offer our guests everything that is best. That is why we are constantly looking for new ways to surprise you in a pleasant way. If we were to take a look in the future, besides the Guesthouse we will also see:

Spa & Sauna

Spa & Sauna

For our guests who want to relax after a day of hiking.



Focused on traditional dishes, carefully cooked by our chefs.



We like to feel good! That is why we have to host a lot of events already.

We are glad you went through our page. Now that you have learned something about us and our guesthouse, we invite you to take a look at the photos of the guesthouse.

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